Wholesale accounts


Are you a beauty store owner, high street store or trade supplier?

  1. Are you looking for premium quality gel nail polish and nail art accessories to offer your customers? Gel Nail Box is a UK brand of gel nail polish which is free from 9 toxins, highly pigmented and can last up to 4 weeks! 

We not only stock gel polish but we also have our new Power Dip which is our own brand acrylic dip system! 

We have a huge range of nail art products and accessories which compliment our ranges to provide you with a full nail range that your customers will love!

Wholesale discounts

We have a range of options suitable for smaller and larger retailers depending on your requirements. 

We do have some specifications on the types of retail outlets and brands that we would accept to stock our brand to ensure that we keep within our brand ethos. 

Please contact us with details of your business to see if we could work together to bring Gel Nail Box to your customers.