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Are you a salon owner or nail technician? Do you currently get paid by the gel polish brand you use?

If not then why not!

Join Gel Nail Box with a salon account and get a great value kit to get you started with our brand for just £69!

Get commission back on your purchases each week and earn monthly bonuses too!

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At Gel Nail Box we understand that professionals want to increase their income and lower their costs this is why we have created a salon member kit exclusively for professionals.

Claire who works in the nail industry thinks that nail technicians should see the huge potential in working with Gel Nail Box....

'My name is Clare and I am a fully qualified Nail Technician.

The most important part of my job, besides creating beautiful nails for my clients, is always ensuring that I am using good quality professional products.

Having had the chance to try the products on my clients, I am confident that you and your clients will love them too.

The range that Gel Nail Box offer is extensive and makes it quick and simple to achieve perfect salon designs. From gel polish and nail art design products to tools and lamps, you will find everything you need to be keeping up with the latest trends within the industry.

I also have experience in Network Marketing, so if you have seen this opportunity as a way to earn extra from your current business as a Nail Technician/Salon, please get in touch via the team page and I will be more than happy to discuss the opportunity with you'

Our gel polish can last up to 4 weeks or more and has been tested and trialled by nail technicians already working with us.

Our gel polish is free from 9 of the most commonly used toxic ingredients within many gel polish and nail polishes and comes in a range of finishes and colours which will grow each and every season!

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