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  1. Gel Polish Kits

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    Introducing our new customer gel polish starter kit to use at home! 

    To see our gel polish starter kit click here

    Our kit is perfect for those who want to start doing their own gel polish nails from home and also includes a mini LED lamp! 

    Included in the great gel polish starter kit is


    Package Includes:
    • Mini LED lamp
    • Base coat
    • Non wipe top coat
    • 1 Diamond polish 
    • 5 alcohol wipes
    • 10 gel remover sachets (either peach or lavendar)
    • 1 white nail buffer
    • 1 nail file
    • Application instructions


    customer kit

  2. Different finishes created with our silver chrome powder!

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    How to get that on trend look of pink chrome nails! 

    Shown are different shades of our pink polishes before and after our silver chrome powder is used!