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  1. Gel Polish Kits

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    Introducing our new customer gel polish starter kit to use at home! 

    To see our gel polish starter kit click here

    Our kit is perfect for those who want to start doing their own gel polish nails from home and also includes a mini LED lamp! 

    Included in the great gel polish starter kit is


    Package Includes:
    • Mini LED lamp
    • Base coat
    • Non wipe top coat
    • 1 Diamond polish 
    • 5 alcohol wipes
    • 10 gel remover sachets (either peach or lavendar)
    • 1 white nail buffer
    • 1 nail file
    • Application instructions


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  2. Printable Application and Removal Instructions

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    Open and print our easy step by step application and removal instructions to ensure that you have a great experience with using our gel nail polishes.

    From complete gel polish novice to those who have tried other brands, these handy guides will help you get the most from your products and have long lasting beautiful nails! 

    Our system is a 3 step professional long lasting system so will be a different application method from 1 step systems some people may have tried. 

    Application Instructions

    Hints and Tips Guide

    Removal Instructions 

    Power Dip Instructions

    Cats Eye Instructions

     Please ensure that you have have read and understand how gel polish works,  it is important to follow the steps correctly, not get polish on skin and  to cure fully  to ensure that no allergic reactions occur to uncured polish on the nails or skin. 

    If you ever experience a reaction please stop using immediately and consult your doctor. By ensuring that you follow all of our guidelines correctly you can prevent such reactions. 



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  3. Nail Preparation and Basic Gel Polish Application

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    Watch back our Facebook live training on how to prepare your nails and apply a basic gel polish manicure with our gel nail polishes!

    Or download and print our easy step by step preparation and removal instructions 

    Application Instructions 


  4. Nail Preparation

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    Easy nail preparation, a must for a long lasting gel polish manicure!